Counter of Hypocrisy

Counter of Hypocrisy is a mystery/horror novel written by Aleena Di Pierro with the help of Miles McKinney. The book is about teenagers being kidnapped and forced into a boarded up and un-escapable apartment building and forced to kill each other to live in a killing game-like style. Character designs were made by the creators of the novel along with Hallie Tobias.

Summary Edit

In Counter of Hypocrisy 22 students are kidnapped from about two different schools and forced into a supposedly abandoned apartment complex in Osaka, Japan. In the stories prologue, we learn the story takes place in the year 2054 and that the new way to entertain people is through murder and death. This leads to secret killing-game like scenarios to be planned and played out in secret by only the sickest and twisted individuals. From the novel, we can only assume that the students were placed in one of those secret killing-games however it has not been confirmed yet. The story is told through various point of views however mainly is seen through the eyes of a teenage boy named Izac Ludenberg who is the protagonist. In the book, the host of the game is the main antagonist however the most popular one seen through most of Counter of Hypocrisy is Kyle Kamakura. Throughout the novel we learn the connections of the student pre-game and see how their deaths effect one another, we also see that not everyone is perfect through how students get wrongfully convicted and even kill themselves. Overall the book ends with the host being killed by someone who was supposed to be dead, and everyone is freed. Counter of Hypocrisy is definitely not for kids under the age of 13 and shouldn't be read if you have triggers involving suicide, death, gore and sexual harassment.

Characters Edit

Izac Ludenberg - Protagonist, Kyle Kamakura(Ainiki),Trever Ouma, Bureina Shirogane - Antagonist, Michael Souda, Christopher Oogami, Dimitri Iruma, TR3V3R, Luciel Gokuhara, Cami Gokuhara, VeeFlower Hanamura, Anangu Mioda, Kai Ouma, Amy Inkusaba, RIn Togami, Bunni, Kore Togami, Derek Tsumiki, Oliver Yumeno, Kokoro Oowada, Gundham Jr. and Monaca.

Mentioned Characters Edit

Daiki Tsumiki, Keita Ainiki, Daniel Hoshi, JJ, Stephen Togami, Steven Oowada & Kyosuke ???

Related Novels Edit

About two more novels have been confirmed to be coming out relating this novel, one being called "Killing Comes Home" While the other is unsaid. Killing Comes Home will be written by Aleena Di Pierro while the other will supposedly be written by Miles McKinney.

Only other information we know is mentioned characters such as JJ, Daniel Hosh, Stephen Togami, and Steven Oowada will be in one of the books, as for which one is un-said as well.

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